What a beautiful world it would be if people had hearts like pets


"Kitty was a male black n' white cat that was the same age as I was. We grew up together and he left us when he was eighteen years old. I loved that he would follow me around the farm and that he layed on my back as I watched tv on my stomach. I was basically an only child since my siblings are so much older than me and so he was my constant friend. I miss him."

    -Kurt Browning, Neva (mom), and Kitty 

"This is Sully and I, he is a staple at the Calgary and Whistler races waiting for a pet or a cuddle from anyone who passes by. He not only makes my life better but so many other peoples too!" 


   -Elisabeth Maier and Sully 



"No matter what has happened that day, he always loves me. Not only does it make my bad days better, or good days even better, it also gives me a hope the world can be a better place. Also just look at that face, how can you not love him? If he's been good, bad, silly, no matter what I love this crazy potato!"

                                -Trennt Michaud and Bilbo Puggins

Rasquette and Annie have been a constant tie that keeps me whole. They often know how I am feeling before I even do. They understand when it is time to play, or when I just really need affection. It's hard to be away from them as much as I am, but they always are so enthusiastic once I am home. I want to be able to do anything for them. 

                 - Me with Rasquette and Annie

"This little warm fluff ball named Tangles plays a crucial role in my daily life and happiness. He has developed great listening skills and is that little ray of sushines that never fades away!"

                    -Evelyn Walsh and Tangles

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