Friday, June 28, 2019

"Sometimes you just don't know, 

      How to speak what you feel.

Sometimes you don't know,

     What you actually feel."

                                             -Perplexed Introvert

I am sorry I have been flying low and through the radar lately. I am still trying to learn about myself and how to keep myself motivated. I am trying out a new life, with new goals, and I truthfully don't know how I am doing. Days I feel great. Other days I feel like absolute garbage. Days that I feel like I am accomplishing so much, and then days when I have gone backwards ten steps. But one thing is for sure, I do love writing, so I am trying to get back to that. 


Let's see what has happened since the last time I wrote on May 26th.....

- I relaxed

- June 1st, Trennt and I went to a wedding! Congrats Kirsten and Brent, it was a phenominal day. 

- I coached

- Taught a seminar in Springbank, AB

- Got inducted into the Edmonton Sports Hall of Fame

- Spent quality time with friends and family in Edmonton.

- Ran my first ever 10K Lululemon Race. Met amazing people through Saje Wellness. Got some new essential oils that have been incredible! Overall a fully filled emotional day. 

- Relaxed more

- Coached more

- Started to consistently do some running and training. (Trennt being a great motivator) 

- Began Media Training! 

- Spent time with people coming to visit and work with coaches. Always great to see Mike Marinaro and Keegan Messing around the house. 

- Now I am in Montreal! Skate Global Seminar. 


It has been a month away from pressures and feeling like I am not enough for the world. It has been a few days laying on the couch feeling guilt free for binge watching TV shows. It has been mornings sitting on the front porch drinking my coffee and enjoying the warm summer air. It has been seeing friends and drinking too my wine and beer. It has been days  experimenting with cooking and discovering that I am a damned good salad maker (it's all in the seeds and balsamic vinegar - new obsession right now). It has been a month of trying, and not always being successful, loving who is looking back at me in the mirror. 

I am going to be better at sharing my journey. Or atleast trying to. I am working on some new ideas with audio and video clips. I am determined to post more this week and myself caught up and on track with my own self this week. We are almost into July! I want this to be the summer that opens my new book. ( Speaking of, I have some great books to share with you all soon)

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